Metro's Wi-Fi Pilot Program

As part of our continued efforts to improve the rider experience with enhanced amenities, Metro is providing customers with free Wi-Fi service as a pilot program on buses and Access vehicles. During the pilot, Wi-Fi will be available on 59 buses and five Access vehicles covering various Metro routes and throughout the Access service area. This pilot program will last approximately six months, starting April 9, 2018.

Look for this decal near the outside door, as well as signage onboard, to know if your bus is equipped with the new feature:

Customers are able to check email, use social media, surf the internet and stream audio on sites such as Pandora, Spotify and Apple Music on tablets, laptops and smartphones during their ride. Data intensive video streaming will not be available.

Onboard Wi-Fi will also provide an extra level of security for riders, as first responders can now access live video remotely in the event of an emergency. The pilot program is partially funded by an FTA grant for security-related projects.

How to Connect:
1. Make sure your device is wirelessly enabled.
2. Search for available wireless networks.
3. Select goMetrowifi
4. Click "I Agree" with Metro's Acceptable Use policy.
5. Check emails, use social media, catch up on work or surf the web.
6. Due to bandwidth limitations, streaming video is not allowed.

Which Routes and Buses will have Wi-Fi?
The 59 buses with Wi-Fi connectivity will be randomly assigned to routes throughout the system. Buses numbered 1501 through 1537 and 1601 through 1622 as well as Access vehicles 157 through 161 will feature the service.

Additional Information:
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