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Everything You Need to Know About Metro's Fareboxes:

More choices, more savings, more reasons to ride. Metro's fareboxes make it easier and more convenient to go*Metro. For every ride, exact fare is required. No change or refunds can be given.

Paying with coinsCoins
* Accepts all U.S. coins
* Important: drop one coin at a time to prevent jams. The farebox will reject all other coins.
Paying with bills
Money in bills.

*Accepts $1, $2, $5 and $10 U.S. bills.

* Farebox will reject torn, worn, and extremely soiled U.S. bills and all non-U.S. currency.

Paying with passes
Metro pass cards.

* Swipe 30-day rolling passes or Day Pass through the magnetic pass reader.
* Regional stored-value cards, available in $10, $20, and $30 quantities, can be used like cash on all Metro and Tank buses to buy transfers, pay zone fares and discounted fares such as Fare Deal, children’s fares or UC or Cincinnati State fares, and even for multiple riders. Riders must tell the driver what they are paying for before they insert the cards into the slot on top of the farebox. Metro’s farebox will deduct fare from the stored-value card on each ride until all funds have been used.
* NOTE: Only Day Passes are available for purchase on buses. Click on Where To Buy to find vending machines and sales offices.


Special program passes

Special program cards.

Swipe the below passes through the magnetic pass reader and show the pass to the bus operator. Any fare due will be displayed for you to see.

* Fare Deal card
* University of Cincinnati and Cincinnati State passes
* Xtra Service passes issued by Cincinnati Public Schools

Using transfers
Transfer fare ticket.

*All transfers are issued and validated by Metro's fareboxes.
*The transfer time period will start at the time you board and pay your fare.
*Transfers are valid for 120 minutes to allow adequate time for customers to make their connections.
* Transfers cost 50 cents and you may use a transfer to ride any route in any direction within the time printed on the transfer, on up to two additional buses.
* Upon the second use or when the time is up, the farebox will mark the transfer as EXPIRED and it will no longer be valid.
* You must pay the full fare and the $0.50 transfer charge to receive a transfer.
* Other transfer policies and procedures remain in effect.