Fares & Passes Overview



$1.75 Within City of Cincinnati (Zone 1)
$2.65 Hamilton County, outside City limits, plus Rt. 23X (Zone 2)
$3.00 Harrison, Ohio (52X)
$3.50 Butler County (Zone 4)
$3.75 Clermont County (Rts. 28, 29X, 82X)
$4.25 Warren County (Zone 5, Rts. 71X, 71)
50 cents Rt. 85 Riverfront parking shuttle

If traveling between zones or if you’ll need a transfer, please let the driver know when paying your fare.

For more information on Reduced Fares, when to pay your fare, and ways to purchase fares before riding, visit our Fare Information page.

30-day rolling passes

$70 Zone 1
$106 Zone 2
$120 Harrison
$140 Zone 4
$150 Clermont
$170 Zone 5/All pass
$105 Metro/TANK pass

Beyond the designated zone, an additional zone fare is required. Visit the Metro pass page for more information.

Metro Day Pass

Metro’s day pass for Zones 1 and 2, sold on the bus for extra convenience. They’re perfect for visitors, occasional riders and anyone who plans to ride frequently throughout the day without worrying about exact change or transfers. 

• Unlimited rides ‘til 3 a.m. next day
• $4.50 for Zone 1 and $6.30 for Zone 2
• No transfers needed
• Buy on the bus or at the sales office, 120 East 4th Street downtown across from Government Square

Read Frequently Asked Questions about day passes


Metro operates service between designated Zones.  The fare for riding Metro is determined by the Zone you're riding in.  To ride from a Zone with a larger fare to a Zone with a smaller fare, pay the larger fare.  To ride from a Zone with a smaller fare to a Zone with a larger fare, first ask the driver for a Zone Check then pay the larger fare.

A Zone Check is your receipt for paying a higher fare.  When you exit the bus at your destination, the driver will collect your Zone Check.  If you do not have a Zone Check when exiting, the driver will charge the difference in fare between your starting and ending Zones.

Not sure which zone your stop is in?  Visit our Zone Map or find the PDF for your route on our Schedules page and look for the Zone listed at the top of each column and printed on each route map.  

Stored Value Cards

Stored Value Cards are a great option if you only ride occasionally, or if you don't like to carry change.  A Stored Value Gard acts like a personal Metro gift card.  Purchase a card with $10, $20, or $30 preloaded, then use it for any fare on any Metro bus.  There are no hidden fees or charges.  

For more information on How to Use and Where to Buy Stored Value Cards, visit our Fare Information page. 


A transfer costs 50 cents.

Please request your transfer when paying fare.

Good on any route, any direction for 120 minutes.

Good for up to two bus changes per transfer or until time expires.

Discount Cards

ACCESS Card - Shared-Ride service pass for riders with disabilities.  

Fare Deal Card- Half-price fare card for riders who are 65 or older, have a Medicare Card, are disabled, and/or have an ACCESS Card.

Cincinnati State Discount Card - Discounted fare pass for students and faculty of Cincinnati State College

UC*Metro Card - Discounted fare card options for students and faculty of the University of Cincinnati

XTRA Service Smart Card - Pass options for students in Cincinnati Public Schools

    • Detour- Rts 19 & 24: Due to construction on Corry, Rts 19 & 24  will detour inbound: Via-CorryR-EdenR-TaftL... https://t.co/qAdykJrbOQ