STEER Committee

Metro is seeking applicants to serve on its all-new Strategic Transit Engagement to Expand Ridership (STEER) Advisory Committee to use their collective knowledge and experience with Metro and Access services, as well as their knowledge of community needs, safety concerns, and values, to provide insight and advice to the Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority Board and Metro staff. The purpose of the committee is to provide feedback and suggest improvements and recommendations on plans, policies, and services offered by Metro and Access.

Eyes & Ears of Metro

The STEER is not designed to hear, process, or resolve individual complaints, nor does the committee set regulations or policy. Rather, members of the committee are the eyes and ears of the transit system. They are asked to review and provide input to the overall operations, service planning, community engagement, and local and regional planning efforts.

Committee membership is a voluntary, non-paid position. Committee members may be invited to participate in Metro events and activities. Food and beverages will be provided during the in-person meetings. Transit passes and other incentives will be offered throughout the year.

Committee Meetings

Committee meetings provide a forum for interactive discussions between community stakeholders and Metro and Access staff, and to amplify proactive efforts to inform and educate the public. This committee meets quarterly, typically in February, May, August, and November of each year. Meetings will typically convene between 6 - 8 p.m. at 525 Vine Street on the 23rd floor. The dates and times are subject to change.

Subcommittee meetings may also be scheduled throughout the year. These subcommittee meetings typically will convene virtually.

Committee Representation

The STEER shall be composed of 10 to 15 members reflecting Metro’s diverse service area and ridership. Membership on this committee is open to all interested residents of the Metro service area who are interested in serving at least a 1-year, but no more than a 2-year term. There shall be no discrimination of applicants based on race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, physical or mental disability, marital status, familial status, veteran, or membership in any other group protected by law in accordance with applicable federal, state, and local laws.

Applicants seeking to hold a position on the STEER should be willing to:

• commit to attending and participating in at least three quarterly evening meetings and in subcommittees as they are formed and as needed

• actively engage in the review of projects by offering unique viewpoints at each meeting

• provide feedback and help to seek solutions that will benefit Metro and Access riders, services, and other agencies and municipalities in the Greater Cincinnati area

• advocate for Metro and Access riders and services

• proactively engage colleagues and peers not serving on the Committee to gain a greater insight into the customer’s experience of Metro and Access services

• take a leadership role in sharing information with the public regarding the accessibility of Metro and Access services