About Reinventing Metro

With the passage of Issue 7 in the spring of 2020, Hamilton County voters approved a sales tax levy of 0.8 percent and a new funding source for Metro. With improved funding, Metro is bringing to life its Reinventing Metro plan, offering the Greater Cincinnati region bold, new transit innovations that will help grow the regional economy and better connect our community to jobs, education, health care and entertainment.

As the Reinventing Metro plan unfolds, Metro continues to solicit feedback from the community. Reinventing Metro’s investments in technology, innovation and service design will enable Metro to meet the needs of our dynamic region for many years to come.



How We Will Reinvent Metro: FAST


Shorter waits, with service every 15 minutes or better on major routes.

Safer, more comfortable places to wait and transfer: new benches, shelters and transit centers. Real-time signs, improved mobile apps, and new buses featuring Wi-Fi and charging ports.


Extending how long buses run each day with 24-hour service on major corridors.

Travel Times

Decreasing time on the bus with faster trip times and improved connections through crosstown routes and two Bus Rapid Transit corridors.

Overall Service Improvements

The Reinventing Metro plan calls for transit improvements that will positively impact all of Hamilton County. In the next five years, the plan will accomplish the following:

  • 26 routes with more frequent service
  • 18 routes with longer service hours
  • 8 new routes
  • 8 route alignment changes
  • 7 routes with 24-hour service on major corridors
  • Service every 20 minutes or better on major routes, every day
  • Crosstown service every 30 minutes or better during the day, every day
  • More weekend service
  • Access service improvements
  • Additional new transit centers and park & ride locations
  • More new buses with free Wi-Fi, charging ports and other amenities
  • More suburban job connectivity with new demand-response service
  • Bus Rapid Transit corridors offering faster travel through limited-stop service

Job Access Improvements

Full implementation of the Reinventing Metro plan will mean:

  • 20,000 more jobs accessible by Metro
  • 740 more employers accessible by Metro
  • $850 million in total wages accessible by Metro
  • 50% of Hamilton County jobs reachable through 24-hour service
  • 10,000+ employers with 24-hour service


Learn more by reading some of the research that has informed the Reinventing Metro plan:

UC Economics Center: Economic Analysis of Reinventing Metro: The University of Cincinnati Economics Center studied route improvements, expanded service and the economic impact of operations and capital improvements to provide an update to peer city analysis. (11.13.2018)

AECOM: Reinventing Metro: The Connected Region: AECOM was tasked with analyzing the Reinventing Metro Process, Regional Bus Network, Fare Policy, and Revenue Allocation, Access Service, and Economic Impacts. (11.13.2018)

EY Business Assessment: A third-party, comprehensive financial assessment commissioned by the Transportation Business Coalition, a partnership of the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber, the Cincinnati Business Committee, and the Cincinnati Regional Business Committee at the request of SORTA. 

UC Economics Center Study: A study that ranked us #1 in efficiency among our peer transportation cities.

The Community Impact and Related Benefits of Metro: A 2015 study by the UC Economics Center that evaluated Metro's effect on the local economy.

Reinventing Metro Development Study: In early 2017, we received a report from consultant AECOM, illustrating options for improving our system if additional funding were available for services in Hamilton County.

METRO Futures Task Force: The task force concluded that SORTA's funding was unsustainable.

March 2016 Public Opinion Survey: Conducted from Feb. 8-11, 2016, by Fallon Research & Communications, Inc. with responses from 404 Hamilton County residents. The survey found that 92% believe transit supports the economy and quality of life; 79% see benefits in expanded transit.

UC Economics Center: Economic Analysis of Reinventing Metro (11.7.2018)

AECOM Reinventing Metro: The Connected Region (11.7.2018)