Metro's fare structure makes riding and paying your fare easy!   

Metro Fare
  • $2.00 Hamilton County Local
  • $2.65 Hamilton County Express (includes Rts. 52X & 72X)
  • $3.75 Suburban County Express (Rts. 42X, 71X, 82X)
  • $2.00 Hamilton County Commuter Service (Rts. 2, 12, 25, 30, 38, 40, 77 & 81)
  • Transfers
    Transfers are free with every ride purchased using the Transit App or the Hamilton County local service 5-ride ticket. All transfers will be good for continuous travel on up to two buses for 120 minutes, whichever comes first. Paper transfers have been eliminated as of April 4. For those riders who previously used paper transfers, a Hamilton County local service day pass may be the best and most economic option.
    Pay-as-you-go Routes

    Fares are paid when exiting the bus on the following routes (outbound P.M. trips only):
    3X 14X 23X 29X 30X
    42X 52X 71X 74X 75X 
    81X 82X

    Part of the fare simplification plan is the elimination of zones within the Metro system. Effective April 4, 2021, zones have been eliminated. All Hamilton County local routes cost $2.00.
Reduced Fares

Children under 35 inches ride free (ages 2 and under)
Children between 35-45 inches pay half fare (ages 2-5) 

ACCESS Card - Shared-Ride service pass for riders with disabilities (ADA-eligible only)

Fare Deal Card- Half-price fare card for riders who are 65 or older, have a Medicare Card, are disabled, and/or have an ACCESS Card. The Fare Deal monthly sticker is $40.00 (all zones).


CPS Student Smart Card - Pass options for students in Cincinnati Public Schools    

Half-price Fares
  • $1.00 Hamilton County Local
  • $1.30 Hamilton County Express (includes Rts. 52X & 72X)
  • $1.85 Suburban County Express (Rts. 42X, 71X, 82X)
  • $1.00 Hamilton County Commuter Service (Rts. 2, 12, 25, 30, 38, 40, 77 & 81)