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Am I "in the zone?"

Use the interactive map below to see if your home or destination falls within either the Springdale/Sharonville zone or the Northgate/Mt. Healthy zone. Just enter the address or business name in the search box in the top right corner.



Book your trip today! Download the MetroNow! On Demand app now from the iOS App Store or Google Play!

As part of the Reinventing Metro plan, Metro has the exciting opportunity to provide regional transit access to neighborhoods that historically have not had access to public transportation. Throughout 2021 and early 2022, Metro developed an accessible, on-demand and localized mobility service for all, including connections to Metro's network of more than 40 fixed bus routes.

Previously referred to as "Mobility On-Demand," MetroNow! currently serves two zones, Springdale/Sharonville and Northgate/Mt. Healthy, with four additional service zones set to launch in late 2024 and early 2025.  

Frequently Asked Questions

For a printer-friendly version of these FAQs, click or tap here. (En Español)

What is MetroNow!?

MetroNow! is Metro’s newest service being introduced as part of Reinventing Metro. Often called mobility on demand, it uses smaller vehicles to provide service in communities and neighborhoods that do not have the population density and/or the street infrastructure to support regular 40-ft. fixed-route Metro buses.

How does MetroNow! work?

MetroNow! rides can be booked through the MetroNow! On Demand mobile app or by phone. You can either request “Less Walking” which will provide curb-to-curb service or “Less Waiting” which will provide corner-to-corner service depending on your needs.

Note: “Less Waiting” or corner-to-corner service is the faster option if you’re able and willing to walk a block or two to a designated pick-up point.

If you have difficulty walking or use a mobility aid such as a wheelchair, please select “Less Walking” for curb-to-curb.

What’s the difference between the “Less Walking” and “Less Waiting” travel preference, and how do I select the one I want?

The “Less Waiting” option will provide corner-to-corner service, meaning that the vehicle will pick you up at a nearby stop within a short walking distance from your current location and drop you off within walking distance of your destination. This will usually be the fastest travel option.

The “Less Walking” option will provide curb-to-curb service, meaning the vehicle will pick you up directly at your current location and take you directly to your destination. The curb-to-curb proposal will likely have a higher estimated time of arrival (ETA) than the corner-to-corner option.

Here’s how to make your selection:
• Input your pick-up and drop-off locations.
• After selecting the pick-up and drop-off points, you will be prompted to choose a travel preference between “Less Walking” or “Less Waiting.” This option will appear each time you book a trip.
• If you would prefer a curb-to-curb trip, or have mobility limitations, select “Less Walking.”
• If you prefer a quicker pick up and don’t mind walking to a nearby corner, select “Less Waiting.”


Can I ride MetroNow! anywhere I need to go?

MetroNow! is designed to provide coverage within a couple miles inside specific communities (called zones.) These zones were chosen for their travel needs and/or their distances from regular Metro fixed routes. You can ride MetroNow! anywhere within these communities or to connect with Metro fixed route service.

We are piloting MetroNow! service in two zones to start: Northgate/Mt. Healthy and Springdale/Sharonville. Once completely rolled out, MetroNow! will serve the following additional Hamilton County communities: Blue Ash/Evendale, Monfort Heights/Finneytown, Pleasant Run North, and Bond Hill/Roselawn.

Will MetroNow! be coming to my community?

The first six zones were chosen based on a variety of factors including community input and data analysis. More zones will be introduced in future phases.

Why are you launching in just two zones?

When completely rolled out, we will serve six zones total as shown on this map:

• Zone A - Blue Ash/Evendale (green)
• Zone B - Monfort Heights/Finneytown (purple)
• Zone C – Northgate/Mt. Healthy (gold)
• Zone D - Pleasant Run North (magenta)
• Zone E - Springdale/Sharonville (blue)
• Zone F - Bond Hill/Roselawn (red)


How do you book a ride?

You can book a ride easily by using the MetroNow! On Demand app, available as a free download on any Apple or Android device. You will need location services activated on your phone for the app to know where you are when scheduling a trip. You may also access the Via app through the Transit app if you are already using this app; you will need to create a new account within the Via app.

You can also schedule a trip by calling 513-551-5555.

How do I set up my account in the app?

Here are the steps to set up the MetroNow! On Demand app:

1. Search for and download the MetroNow! On Demand app in Google Play or the App store depending on your device type.
2. Click “Get Started.”
3. Follow the prompts to add your mobile phone number and a code will be sent to your phone.
4. Enter the code.
5. Add your origin location address or move the pin to that location.
6. Click “Confirm.”
7. Add the destination address or move the pin to that location.
8. Click “Set Destination.” If you select a location outside the zone, you will receive a message that says, “This address is out of the zone.”
9. Complete the Travel Reason – select Less Walking for curb-to-curb service or Less Waiting for point-to-point service.
10. Add any additional passengers if needed.
11. Choose your payment option.

What's the difference between curb-to-curb and corner-to-corner service, and how do I select the option I want?

Corner-to-corner service means that the vehicle will pick you up at a nearby point within a short walk's distance from your current location and drop you off within walking distance of your destination. This will usually be the fastest travel option.

Curb-to-curb service means the vehicle will pick you up at your current location and take you to your destination. The curb-to-curb option will usually have a higher estimated time of arrival (ETA) than the corner-to-corner option. At any time, you can toggle off curb-to-curb in your account details.

Find & Explore MetroNow! Vehicles in the Community

Please check back for more information on upcoming MetroNow! community events. 

Other Questions

How is this different from existing Metro bus service?

Currently, Metro provides two types of bus service: fixed routes with predetermined stops and destinations and on-demand, shared-ride paratransit service (Access) for people with disabilities that prevent them from using Metro fixed-route service.

With MetroNow!, Metro aims to offer an additional on-demand option that is more flexible and aims to cater more closely to customers' individual needs when one of our existing fixed routes is not practical or accessible.


When will MetroNow! start?

The Springdale/Sharonville zone launched on May 22, 2023 and the Northgate/Mt. Healthy zone launched on July 11, 2023. The remaining four zones are expected to launch in late 2024 and early 2025.  

What are the hours for MetroNow!?

MetroNow! will operate according to the following schedule:

- Weekdays: 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.
- Weekends: 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Does MetroNow! operate on holidays?

MetroNow! operates weekend service in observance of the following holidays:

- New Year's Day
- Memorial Day
- Independence Day
- Labor Day
- Thanksgiving Day
- Christmas Day

If I transfer from MetroNow! to a regular Metro route, do I have to pay the $2.00 fare?

Yes, because it is a specialized, on-demand service, all MetroNow! riders must pay the additional fare. Metro fixed-route passes will not be accepted as MetroNow! fare.  

Does the app recognize Spanish?

The app is available in both English and Spanish.

Can I book trips without a smartphone?

Yes, you can book trips by phone at 513-551-5555.

How many passengers do MetroNow! vehicles hold?

Each MetroNow! vehicle has seating for eight seated passengers, with two spaces available for customers who use mobility aids.

What is the fare?

The MetroNow! fare is $2 each way for each passenger, the same as Metro local fixed-route service throughout Hamilton County.

Is there a children's fare?

All children up to 35 inches tall can ride free. There will be a height marker on a pole at the front of each vehicle to verify whether a free children's fare applies. There is a limit of two free children under 35 inches with each paying adult.

If I see a MetroNow! vehicle sitting outside, can I just board it like a Metro bus?

No. While MetroNow! is completely open to the public, you must schedule a trip beforehand. Trips can be scheduled via the MetroNow app, or by calling 513-551-5555. If you are bringing a child or companion, their ride must also be scheduled.

Can I bring my bike on MetroNow!?

No, the MetroNow! vehicle is considerably smaller than a full-size bus, and there is no way to safely add a bike rack or transport bicycles.

Can I bring a car seat on MetroNow! for my child?

Yes, four seats in each vehicle are equipped with child safety seat hooks. Car seats will not be provided and operators may not assist with installation. Up to two children under 35 inches in height may ride free with each paying adult.

Will MetroNow! vehicles have seat belts for passengers?

Yes, all MetroNow! vehicles will have seat belts for passengers and are required by law to use them.

If I go shopping, can I bring my packages on MetroNow!?

Yes, you may bring packages onboard MetroNow! vehicles; however, packages may not take up a seat, and operators are not permitted to assist customers with packages.

Does MetroNow! accept Fare Deal or MVP cards?

At this time, MetroNow! does not accept Fare Deal, MVP or any other Metro discount program cards. This includes transfers and passes from regular Metro fixed-route service.

How do I know where to meet my driver?

When you schedule a trip, the app will assign you a “virtual pickup point” where you’ll meet the vehicle, usually at a nearby corner or no more than a block away from your current location. Check the app for walking directions and follow your driver’s progress in real-time so you know exactly when to head to your pickup point.

If you selected curb-to-curb service, your vehicle will meet you outside the address you entered when you scheduled the trip.

How do I pay for my rides?

You may set up a payment method in the EZFare app (available through Transit app) and pay by credit card, or you can pay cash when you board. The fare is $2 each way for each passenger.

I don't have a credit card; can I still ride MetroNow!?

Yes, you may ride MetroNow! by paying the cash fare of $2.00 each way for each passenger.

What should I do if my driver leaves without me?

In the unlikely event that a MetroNow! driver leaves without picking you up, you may email or call 513-632-7575.

Can I ride in a wheelchair?

Yes, each MetroNow! vehicle has onboard space for two mobility aids (such as wheelchairs or strollers). Let us know you will be traveling with a wheelchair in your account settings.

Can I leave feedback for my driver?

We encourage you to complete the feedback screen in the app after your ride.

Do I tip my driver?

Drivers do not accept tips.

I scheduled a trip, then something came up and I forgot to cancel it. Will I be penalized?

Because MetroNow! is a specialized service with limited capacity, not canceling a trip may negatively impact other riders.

How do I reset my MetroNow! On-Demand app password?

Open the app and select "Get Started." In the password box, select "Forgot your password?" and follow the prompts.

I left something in the vehicle; how do I get it back?

Please email us at with a description of the missing item, and we'll do our best to return it to you. You may also call the Metro Customer Care Center at 513-632-7575.

How do I lodge a complaint?

Please email us at or call the Metro Customer Care Center at 513-632-7575.

Why isn't my community getting this service?

These first six communities were chosen after considerable outreach and data analysis throughout our service area. For example, Springdale/Sharonville was chosen to provide better access to the many health care facilities located in this zone. Northgate/Mt. Healthy was chosen to connect residents with the many job opportunities there. These first six zones represent the first phase of service; more zones may be added in the future.