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Sharing the Road with Metro -
Tell Us Your Experience

Metro has partnered with Queen City Bike to help promote safety for the cycling community.
If you have had any experience with Metro buses (good or bad) while cycling, please contact us and let us know. It is important to let us know about the incident as soon as possible so we can fully investigate what happened.
We need the following information:
  • Day and time when the incident occurred
  • Location (as specific as possible)
  • Direction traveling
  • Bus number or bus route number or name (if possible) 
  • Detailed description of what happened
Please send this information to
Sallie Hilvers at or 513-632-768



Bikes on Government Square

Please walk bikes in Government Square Areas A, B and C.


When do two wheels become six? When you Bike & Ride on Metro.

Every Metro bus is equipped with a front-mounted bike rack that's easy to use. Best of all, when you pay your fare, your bike rides free!  You may use the bike rack from any Metro stop, including Government Square, Metro's downtown hub.


When using Metro's bike racks follow these guidelines:

  • Each rack holds two bikes. If the rack is full, you must wait for another bus. Bikes are not permitted inside the bus unless they fold.
  • Only single-rider, non-motorized bikes may be put on the bike racks. Children's bikes under 20 inches are too small for the bike racks.
  • Bikes cannot be locked while on the bike rack.

Here's what you do:

  • Stand in the bus stop ready to board as the bus approaches and tell the operator you will be loading a bike.
  • Load and unload your bike as quickly as possible so the bus can stay on schedule, and never load or unload your bike from the street side.
  • You must be able to load and unload your bike without any help from the bus operator.
  • Never kneel or bend down in front of a bus when using the bike racks.


Using Metro's bike racks is fast and easy. Just follow these steps:

To load:

1. Remove air pumps, water bottles, etc. from your bike before loading.

2. If the bike rack is stowed against the bus, squeeze release handle to lower the rack for use.

Squeeze release handle to lower rack

Lower bike rack to prepare for loading

3. Place your bike on the rack, fitting the wheels into the slots. If there is no other bike on the rack, place your bike in the outside slot, furthest from the bus.

Place your bike on the rack

4. Raise and release the spring-loaded support arm over the top of the front tire. Make sure the arm is on the tire and not the fender or frame.

Raise and release support arm over top of bike tire

Place arm on top of front bike tire near breaks

5. Board the bus, pay your fare and tell the bus operator the stop where you will unload your bike.

6. Relax and enjoy the ride.

To unload:

Ring the bell and remind the bus operator that you will be unloading a bike at your stop.

  1. Exit through the front door of the bus.
  2. Raise the support arm from your front tire and return it to its stored position.
  3. Lift your bike out of the rack.
  4. Raise and secure the rack against the bus if there is no other bike on it.
  5. Go on your way. Do not cross in front of the bus.

Bikes are transported at the owner's risk. Availability is first-come, first-served. Metro is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged bikes while they are on the bike rack or at any of its facilities.


The following routes stop at or near some of Cincinnati's favorite places to ride:

Bike Trails/Paths
Metro Routes
Little Miami Scenic Trail Rt. 28 East End Milford (weekday only)
Lunken Airport Bike Path Rt. 28 East End Milford, Rt. 24
Five Mile Road Bike Path Rt. 24
West Fork Mill Creek Bike Trail Rt. 78 Springdale
Winton Woods Park Trail Rt. 20

Check out OKI's interactive Bike Guide Map

Metro has also created a Bike & Ride brochureillustrated guide on using the bike racks and more information on Metro's Bike and Ride program.

View the City of Cincinnati's downtown bike rack map.

Metro is a Bike Friendly Destination

The Bike Friendly Destinations Awards Program honored Metro in 2011, 2012 and 2013. The program honors area organizations that have provided advocacy and infrastructure improvements to support bicycling for employees or visitors.

The Bike Friendly Destinations Program was developed by Queen City Bike to encourage more people to commute to work and other destinations by bicycle. Funded by a grant through The Greater Cincinnati Foundation, the program works with businesses and other destinations to show that bicycle commuting is beneficial for everyone: the employee, the visitor, the employer, and the city as a whole. Visit to find out more about Bike Friendly Destinations.