Fare Information

Operating Metro's new fareboxes.

Cincy EZRide is an EZ way to plan your trip and pay your fare. Available on ios and Android.

Metro has introduced new fareboxes that accept bills and coins.

For every ride, exact fare is required. No change or refunds can be given.

Buy Metro passes 24 hours a day at Metro's new Ticket Vending Machine, located at 5th and Walnut Streets at Metro's Information Booth in Government Square. The machine accepts cash (exact amounts only) or credit cards.  Learn more



$1.75 Within City of Cincinnati (Zone 1)
$2.65 Hamilton County, outside City limits, plus Rt. 23X (Zone 2)
$3.00 Harrison, Ohio (52X)
$3.50 Butler County (Zone 4)
$3.75 Clermont County (Rts. 28, 29X, 82X)
$4.25 Warren County (Zone 5, Rts. 71X, 71)
50 cents Rt. 85 Riverfront parking shuttle

If traveling between zones or if you’ll need a transfer, please let the driver know when paying your fare.

Not sure which zone your stop is in?  Visit our Zone Map or find the PDF for your route on our Schedules page and look for the Zone listed at the top of each column and printed on each route map.

Reduced Fares

  • Children under 35 inches ride free
  • Children 35-45 inches pay half fare

If you’re in one of these qualifying groups, your fare is half-price on any trip:

  • Fare Deal ID cardholders (65+, on Medicare or disabled). The Fare Deal Monthly Sticker is $38.50 (all zones). Please visit the Fare Deal page for complete information.
  • Access ID cardholder (ADA-eligible only)

Half-price fares are:

85 cents Within City of Cincinnati (Zone 1)
$1.30 To, from or within Hamilton County (Zone 2)
$1.50 To, from or within Harrison, Ohio (Harrison)
$1.75 Butler County (Zone 4)
$1.85 Clermont County (Clermont)
$2.10 Warren County (Zone 5)

Pay-as-you-go Routes

Fares are paid when exiting the bus on the following routes; outbound P.M. trips only.
3X   14X23X 29X30X
42X 52X71X74X75X 
81X 82X


A transfer costs 50 cents.

Please request your transfer when paying fare.

Good on any route, any direction for 120 minutes.

Good for up to two bus changes per transfer or until time expires.

Buy Online

Purchase a Metro pass online through Metro’s secure payment system.

Buy In Person

Purchase Metro passes at locations throughout Cincinnati.

Ticket Vending Machines

Ticket Vending Machines allow you to purchase 30-day Rolling Passes for all zones and Stored Value Cards using Cash or Credit Card, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.  

Ticket Vending Machines are conveniently located in three locations for your convenience:
- Government Square (5th St at Walnut St)
- Clifton Heights (Calhoun St at Clifton Ave)
- Med Center (Burnet Ave at Goodman St)

- All 18 of the Cincinnati Bell Connector station. 

Metro sales office

Mercantile Center arcade
120 E. Fourth Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Open weekdays 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Closed weekends and major holidays.

Free schedules and bus information are also available.

Buy by Phone

You can also purchase bus passes by phone using your Visa or MasterCard, simply call Metro’s sales office at 513-632-7699 during business hours noted above.

Buy by Mail

Call Metro’s information line 513-621-4455
(TDD 800-750-0750)
6:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. weekdays, 8 a.m. to noon Saturdays
Closed Sundays and major holidays

Please note that your pass will arrive from the address:
Mercantile Center Ste 1
120 E Fourth St.
Cincinnati, Oh 45202

 Cash is ALWAYS accepted.

Metro Pass and Transfer Policy

Metro’s 30-day rolling passes and transfers are sold for your convenience. Please keep the following tips in mind:

  • Passes and transfers are not transferable and may not be used by anyone other than the person who purchased the pass or transfer.*
  • No refunds or exchanges will be given.
  • Metro is not responsible for lost/stolen/damaged passes or transfers.
  • Misuse of your pass or transfer may result in confiscation.

Also, please be advised that any pass or transfer purchased from a non-authorized individual or reseller may not be valid. Purchase at your own risk.

* Cincinnati Municipal Code Sec. 406-75 and 406-77


Metro Day Pass

Introducing Metro’s day pass for Zones 1 and 2, sold on the bus for extra convenience. They’re perfect for visitors, occasional riders and anyone who plans to ride frequently throughout the day without worrying about exact change or transfers. 

• Unlimited rides ‘til 3 a.m. next day
• $4.50 for Zone 1 and $6.30 for Zone 2
• No transfers needed
• Buy on the bus or at the sales office, 120 East 4th Street downtown across from Government Square

Important day pass reminders:

• To purchase a day pass on the bus, tell the operator BEFORE paying your fare or using a stored-value card.
• The first ride is already counted when you purchase a day pass on the bus.
• You may purchase a Zone 1 or 2 day pass on any route, not just routes operating in those zones. 
• Day passes bought at the sales office will need to be activated on the bus.
• To activate a day pass, insert it into the slot on top of the farebox.
• Once activated, swipe it every time you ride (just like a 30-day rolling pass.)
• If paying for zone fares, tell your operator before you insert your day pass.
• You may not use a stored-value card to pay zone fares unless the card has already been activated.
• All activated day passes expire at 3 a.m. the next day. For example, if you buy a day pass and activate it after midnight, it will be good until 3 a.m. the following day.
• You may pre-purchase day passes from the sales office and use them at a later date. The 3 a.m. expiration date is not set until it is activated.
• Day passes are not accepted for half-fare rides on Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky (TANK.)

Read Frequently Asked Questions about day passes

 Regional Stored-Value Cards

Regional Stored-Value Cards, which can be used on all Metro and TANK buses are now available in prepaid amounts of $10, $20 and $30.

Regional Stored-Value Cards can be used like cash to pay all zone fares, buy transfers, pay discounted fares such as Fare Deal, children’s fares or UC or Cincinnati State fares, and even for multiple riders.

Riders must tell the driver what they are paying for before they insert the cards into the slot on top of the farebox. Metro’s farebox will deduct fare from the stored-value card on each ride until all funds have been used.

Metro regional stored-value cards are now for sale ONLINE ($30 value only), at Metro’s sales office, 120 E. Fourth Street, Mercantile Building arcade downtown, weekdays 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and at Metro's Ticket Vending Machines at Government Square, Clifton Heights, and Med Center boarding areas.  Visit our Where to Buy page for more information. 

Metro no longer accepts 10-ride passes as fare payment.

Exact change and passes will continue to be accepted as fare on all buses.

Learn more: Frequently Asked Questions about Metro Stored Value Cards and 10-Ride Zone 1 Tickets.

30-day rolling passes

With Metro's 30-day rolling passes, it's never been easier to go*Metro!  Find out which pass is right for you

You can buy your pass online or in person at sales outlets throughout the community. 

New! Attention employers! Metro also has a great new pass program for employees: Pre-Tax Transit passes.

Standard adult-fare 30-day rolling passes

$70 Zone 1
$106 Zone 2
$120 Harrison
$140 Zone 4
$150 Clermont
$170 Zone 5/All pass
$105 Metro/TANK pass

Beyond the designated zone, an additional zone fare is required. Visit the Metro pass page for more information.

Metro Tokens and 10-ride Zone 1 tickets

Tokens are no longer accepted in Metro Fareboxes, effective June 30, 2013. Metro 10-ride tickets are no longer accepted, effective Dec. 31, 2013.

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