Doing Business with Metro

Metro at bus stop.

Your organization can do business with Metro in a number of ways:

  • The Transit Benefit Plan: Allows for savings of up to 30% of the cost of transportation for your employees.
  • Want to start a new employee pass program at your place of business? Learn about partnership opportunities and contact Kim Lahman at 513-632-7522 to discuss how to partner with Metro.
  • Bid on contracts/services: For information on current opportunities, visit Metro's Bid Opportunities page.
  • Learn more about Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) involvement.
  • Become a Sales Outlet for Metro passes: contact Metro's sales office at 513-632-7699.
  • Promote your events/special company's offers with Metro. Contact Brandy Jones at 513-632-7527 to discuss how to get your discount offers in the hands of Metro's 800+ employees.

Advertise with Metro


Metro’s Brand

Metro identity standards pdf.

Any use of the Metro brand in work performed for Metro must adhere to our established branding guidelines. These aesthetic standards are available as a downloadable document (PDF format, 8.7 MB).

Adobe Reader is required to view PDF (Portable Document Format) files. Adobe

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