Fare Deal Program

Metro's Fare Deal program allows eligible riders to obtain a Fare Deal identification card valid for half-price fares on any Metro trip.

Fare Deal identification card at farebox.Eligible participants include:
  • Adults 65 and older
  • Medicare card holders
  • Riders with disabilities
  • Access card holders

Those 65 years-old and older are automatically eligible; proof of age is required. Medicare card holders of any age are also automatically eligible. Riders with disabilities who don't have Medicare and are not 65 must submit an application and be certified to qualify for the program.

For Fare Deal information visit:
Fare Deal Office, 7000 Montgomery Rd.
Open: Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Hours:8:15 a.m. - 4 p.m. (Closed noon-1 p.m. for lunch)
Call: 513-632-7540 (TDD Ohio Relay Service 800-750-0750)

Get there on Metro:
The facility is served by Rt. 4 Silverton-Blue Ash, Rt. 4 Kenwood-Blue Ash and Metro*Plus.

Fare Deal Card Fare:
Once approved, you will receive a "tap and show" smart card to ride Metro for half fare. Just tap your smart card on the target image on the farebox, show it to the operator and pay the amount shown on the farebox.

Fare Deal monthly stickers:

Stickers are available for $38.50 per month and allows unlimited rides and covers zone and transfer charges. Stickers can be purchased at Metro's sales office located at 120 E. 4th St. between the 15th of the preceding month through the 10th of the valid month. Please note: stickers are valid for the calendar month only – not 30 days from when you purchase your sticker.

Application Information
All forms under each category are required
Application available here for:
If you are a person who is on Medicare.

Have questions about the Fare Deal program? Read our FAQ page.