School Transportation on Metro

XTRA Service for the 2020/2021 school year coincides with in-person classes by Cincinnati Public Schools. Please check back for updates.

Metro's XTRA Service is a network of bus routes traveling between neighborhoods throughout Cincinnati and various public and private secondary schools. XTRA Service is designed to prevent overcrowding on regular Metro routes and operates only on school days.

XTRA Service riders may catch the bus at any designated Metro bus stop, and XTRA Service is open to the public. All regular Metro fares apply.

Students in Cincinnati Public Schools may be eligible for XTRA Service Smart Cards. XTRA Service Smart Cards are issued by local schools, with eligibility determined by CPS Pupil Transportation.

Find your XTRA route:

Four-digit route numbers are assigned to all XTRA Service routes. Route numbers are designed to give you clues on where the bus is traveling. The first two digits of the four digit route number indicate the main school served by the route. The third digit provides a general indication of the area served by the route and the final digit is the trip number if there are multiple routes traveling between the same school and area. For more information on numbering, click here.

Every trip has a unique route number! Look for your specific route number on the front, side or back of the bus to see if it's your route, just like with regular Metro service!

Real-time bus tracking apps and Google Transit data are now available on XTRA Service! XTRA Service riders are now able to track their bus using the Transit app on their smartphone. Transit's real-time information allows you to see where your bus is and how long it will be before it arrives. XTRA Service is also now included on Google Transit, allowing riders to plan their trips using regular and XTRA service on Google Maps. For more information on real-time apps, click here.

For more information, read the CPS Metro Information page or email

Please provide the following information in your email:

- Student Name
- School
- Home Address
- Nearest Cross Street
- Contact Name and Phone #

Having complete information allows for a quicker response. 

Full XTRA Service Route Descriptions
School Name
PM Lineup Instructions
Route Schedule & Directions
Aiken Aiken PM Lineup Instructions Aiken Route Directions
Clark Montessori Clark Montessori PM Lineup Instructions Clark Montessori Route Directions
Gamble Montessori Gamble Montessori PM Lineup Instructions Gamble Montessori Route Directions
LaSalle LaSalle PM Lineup Instructions LaSalle Route Directions
Mercy McAuley Mercy McAuley PM Lineup Instructions Mercy McAuley Route Directions
Purcell Marian Purcell Marian PM Lineup Instructions Purcell Marian Route Directions
Shroder Shroder PM Lineup Shroder Route Directions
St. Ursula St. Ursula PM Lineup Instructions St. Ursula Route Directions
St.Xavier St. Xavier PM Lineup Instructions St. Xavier Route Directions
Taft Taft PM Lineup Instructions Taft Route Directions
Walnut Hills Walnut Hills PM Lineup Instructions Walnut Hills Route Directions
Western Hills Western Hills PM Lineup Instructions Western Hills Route Directions
Withrow Withrow PM Lineup Instructions Withrow Route Directions

Print out this Kids Ride Safe card for students.