Jul 13, 2020


Buses wrapped to thank employees by name for their commitment to service during COVID-19
CINCINNATI – “A hero is an ordinary individual who finds strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.”

Those are the words inscribed across the top of two new “Metro Strong” buses that will be on the road this week in recognition of the dedication shown by Cincinnati Metro and Access workers in service to the Greater Cincinnati region amid COVID-19. The two #MetroStrong buses feature the names of all Metro and Access employees.

“The entire Metro and Access team work hard every day to serve our region and these special buses are just another way Metro is saying ‘thank you’ for their commitment to our community during this challenging time,” said Darryl Haley, CEO & General Manager. “This experience has proven more than anything that we are ‘Metro Strong’ and can tackle tough times when we work together.”

The community is encouraged to help us thank our team members by snapping a picture of the bus when they see it on the road and posting on social media using the hashtag #MetroStrong.

Metro is a non-profit, tax-funded public service of the Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority, providing about 13.5 million rides per year.
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