Jul 29, 2018


Changes affect Routes 15X, 16, 17, 19, 24, 27, 32, 38X, 52X, 72, 75X, 78, and 81X.

Metro’s fall service changes will go into effect Sunday, Aug. 12, 2018. The following routes will have routing and/or running time adjustments:

Rt. 15X Daly Express / Mt. Healthy Express
Rt. 16 Mt. Healthy
Rt. 17 Seven Hills/Mt Healthy/Mt Airy/Northgate
Rt. 19 Colerain Ave. – Northgate
Rt. 24 Anderson - Uptown
Rt. 27 Northside - Casey
Rt. 32 Price Hill-Glenway Crossing/Price Hill-Delhi-Sayler Park
Rt. 38X Glenway Crossing - Uptown Express
Rt. 52X Harrison Express
Rt. 72 Kings Island Direct
Rt. 75X Anderson Express
Rt. 78 Springdale - Vine/Lincoln Hts
Rt. 81X Mt. Washington Express

Express routes optimization

Rts. 38X, 52X, 75X and 81X will have trip and/or routing changes as part of efforts to improve productivity and reduce costs on these routes.
Rt. 38X Glenway Crossing-Uptown: two morning and two evening trips will be eliminated and time adjustments will be implemented.
Rt. 52X Harrison Express: one morning and one evening trip will be eliminated and time adjustments will be implemented.
75X Anderson Express & Rt. 81X Mt. Washington: Based on customer feedback, Rts. 75X and 81X will NOT be combined. On the Rt. 75X two morning and two evening trips will be eliminated. Reverse commute service to Belterra Park will also be eliminated. Rt. 81X will continue current routing.

Government Square Areas G & H
As part of a pilot program designed to improve running times and reduce blockages at Government Square’s Area G (located mid-block on Main St. between 5th & 6th St.) four routes will move from Areas G and H. Metro will evaluate these changes in the coming months to determine if further adjustments are needed.
• Rt. 16 & 32 will relocate from Area G to Area H at the corner of 6th & Main.
• Rt. 17 & 19 will relocate from Area H to the bus stop mid-block on Main between 6th & 7th St. Rt. 17 will no longer serve VXI Global Solutions.

Kings Island Direct Service
Rt. 72 Kings Island Direct will provide seasonal job connection service to Kings Island on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays through October 30. The fare is $2.25 each way on Rt. 72 only.

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