Mar 14, 2018


In honor of Transit Driver Appreciation Day, observed on March 16, Metro is spotlighting the great work its nearly 500 bus operators do every day.

Metro’s operators work seven days a week, rain or shine, night and day, getting riders to school, work, doctor appointments and entertainment activities while providing superior customer service.

In just the past year, Metro operators have received more than 230 customer commendations, as well as praise for being the eyes and ears of the community, from helping find a missing woman to coming to the aid of a lost child.

In 2017, 358 operators received safety awards with more than 50 operators recognized for driving up to 25 consecutive years without a preventable accident. Considering Metro operators travel more than 11 million miles a year, that’s quite a feat!

Operators James Meatchem and Vincent Best earned the distinction of being named Operators of the Year. To earn this top honor, operators must meet competitive qualifying standards, including perfect attendance, no accidents, outstanding on-time performance and excellent customer service and performance.

“Our operators are on the frontline of delivering service excellence to our customers every day,” said Metro CEO & General Manager Dwight A. Ferrell. “We celebrate them on this national day of appreciation, however, we applaud the hard work and dedication of our operators in serving our community, delivering them to their destinations safely and on-time, every day.”

Cincinnati Metro will celebrate all of its operators on March 16, encouraging Metro customers to thank their operator for the work they do in person and on social media using #TDAD.

Metro is a non-profit, tax-funded public service of the Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority, providing about 15 million rides per year.
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