Jan 17, 2017


Project to offer riders improved connections, convenience and amenities

CINCINNATI – The Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority board of trustees yesterday approved a contract to build a new transit center in Oakley to provide improved connections and amenities to make using public transit more convenient.

The construction of the project was awarded to the Ford Development Corporation and will be located at the intersection of Marburg and Ibsen. The project is expected to break ground in Spring of 2017.

The transit center will be served by two Metro crosstown routes, the 41 and 51, connecting the east and west sides of town, two local routes, the 4 and 11, and one express route, the 12X, with service into downtown Cincinnati.

Features of the Oakley Transit Center will include:

Four boarding bays
Off-street commuter parking
Enhanced transit shelters and streetscaping
Wayfinding maps and real-time information screens

“Oakley is a major employment and residential hub in the city and is served by five Metro routes,” said Metro CEO & GM Dwight A. Ferrell. “The new transit center will give us an incredible opportunity to provide enhanced amenities and convenience to our customers, making our service more attractive as we work to reinvent Metro and grow ridership.”

The project was designed by the Transportation Planning and Urban Design section of the City of Cincinnati’s Department of Transportation and Engineering and was created in partnership with the Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority, the Ohio Department of Transportation, OKI regional Council of Governments, the City of Cincinnati and the Federal Transit Administration.

The construction cost of the project is approximately $1.1M and is funded by a Federal Surface Transportation Program grant and local funds.

Metro is a non-profit, tax-funded public service of the Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority, providing about 16 million rides per year.
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