Aug 4, 2014

Metro's Fall Service Change Starts Aug. 24

Mostly small changes on many schedules, including: Rts. 4, 6, 11, 14X, 17, 19, 20, 21, 24, 27, 31, 32, 33, 43WH, 46, 68, 72, 78 and Metro*Plus (Rt. 90) starting on Aug. 24. 

CINCINNATI – Metro’s regular fall service changes will go into effect on Sunday, Aug. 24.

Metro service improvements include:

The following routes will have new schedules with changes. All are minor service adjustments unless indicated below (link to new schedules in blue):

Rt. 4                Kenwood-Blue Ash/Ridge Rd.
Rt. 6                Queen City
Rt. 11              Madison Rd-Oakley/Erie Ave-Hyde Park
Rt. 14X            Forest Park Express
Rt. 17              Seven Hills/Mt Healthy/Mt Airy/Northgate
Rt. 19              Colerain Ave-Northgate
Rt. 20              Winton-Tri County
Rt. 21              Harrison Ave
Rt. 24                   Mt Lookout-Uptown-Anderson (US Bank trips eliminated. See below.)
Rt. 27                   Northside-Casey
Rt. 31                   West End-Evanston Crosstown
Rt. 32                   Delhi-Price Hill/Glenway Crossing-Price Hill via Matson (Weekday commute adjusted. See below.)
Rt. 33                   Western Hills-Glenway
Rt. 43WH            Winton Hills
Rt. 46                  Avondale-Zoo
Rt. 68                  Sharonville Connection (Time point modified. See below.)
Rt. 72                  Kings Island Direct (Mon-Thu service eliminated. Route end date extended.See below.)
Rt. 78                  Lincoln Heights (Time points modified. See below.)
Rt. 90                  Metro*Plus

Two trips eliminated on Rt. 24: Metro’s Rt. 24 Mt. Lookout-Uptown-Anderson will no longer make the US Bank trips, which detour off Beechmont Ave. in Linwood on weekdays. Schedule times have been adjusted to increase route efficiency.

Rt. 32 Optimized for Weekday Commute: Metro’s Rt. 32 Glenway Crossing-Price Hill via Matson will be leaving Government Square 10 minutes earlier during rush hour to provide commuters with a quicker trip home. Rt. 32 Delhi-Price Hill will not be affected.

Schedule Change for Rt. 68: On a bus schedule, time points are locations that list a scheduled time when the buses will depart. The time point near Miami Jacobs Career College on Rt. 68 Sharonville Connection has been renamed to Crown Point Dr. at Sharon Rd. to avoid confusion with the time point Sharon Rd. at Crown Point Dr. on Rt. 67 Sharonville Job Connection. The layover point for Rt. 68 is not the same stop as the time point on Rt. 67.

Service Extended on Kings Island Direct: Metro’s Rt. 72 Kings Island Direct will operate Friday through Sunday, starting August 24. Rt. 72 Service will be extended through Sunday, Nov. 2 to match Kings Island park operation dates. The fare on Rt. 72 Kings Island Direct will remain $2.25 each way thanks to federal Job Access Reverse Commute (JARC) grant funding awarded through the Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Regional Council of Governments. This seasonal service will operate on weekends through October. The last day of service on Rt. 72 will be Sunday, Nov. 2. Rt. 71 and 71X will not be affected.

Schedule Change for Rt. 78 Lincoln Heights: In order to increase efficiency, Rt. 78 Lincoln Heights has added a time point at Chicago Ave. and Mangham Dr. in Lincoln Heights. The time point at Tennessee Ave. and Paddock Rd. in Bond Hill has been eliminated. Minor schedule changes allow for increased efficiency for this route. Rt. 78 Springdale-Vine remains unaffected.

Metro is a non-profit, tax-funded public service of the Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority, providing about 17 million rides per year. Learn more at

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