Apr 24, 2014

Downtown Construction Traffic/Detours

Downtown construction starting on April 24 will result in street closures and Metro detours. 

On Thursday, April 24, at 6 pm, the intersection of Race and Central Parkway will be closed for streetcar track installation. This will remain closed until 7am Monday morning.  Eastbound Central Parkway will be maintained.  
12th and Main Streets will be closed on 12th Street on April 25, from 8am to 4pm. Race Street will remain open. Henry Street remains closed.

Metro Detour
Thursday, April 24, at 6pm - Monday, April 28, at 6pm.
Rt. 20 Outbound
Via Vine
L- 12th
L- Race
R- Central Parkway
to reg. rt.
On Monday, April 28, due to construction at Court at Walnut, the Metro bus stop may be closed and detours may occur. 
On June 16 the intersection of 12th and Race will close for six weeks through July 28th for streetcar track installation.  All lanes in all directions on both Race and 12th will close for a complete intersection closure. This will impact Metro Rts. 21, 46, 64, 67 and 78.  More detailed plans as they become available.

For more downtown construction updates, visit: http://www.cincinnati-oh.gov/streetcar/
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