Mar 25, 2024

Cincinnati Metro Names Employees of the Year at Annual Golden Bus Awards

Awards honor employees who embody Metro’s mission of service to the community. 
CINCINNATI – Each year in March, transit agencies across the country rally together to say “Thank You” to all the people who make such a vital community service possible: the operators, mechanics, street supervisors, custodians and administrative staff who keep the wheels turning and the engines humming.

Last week, Metro extended this one-day event to a week-long celebration with Transit Employee Appreciation Week, culminating with its annual Golden Bus Awards Employees of the Year Banquet.

During this year’s Golden Bus Awards, Metro was proud to recognize six individuals for outstanding achievement and consistently embodying Metro’s mission to go above and beyond in service to our community and fellow employees.

The winners of the Golden Bus Awards are:

June Han, Administrative Staff

Vickie Hickman, Leadership Team

Bruce Tabar, Maintenance - Queensgate

Mike Kurzhals, Maintenance - Bond Hill/Access

Douglas McCray, Operations – Queensgate

Jerry Valentine, Operations - Bond Hill/Access

“Metro employees are the backbone of our transit system, tirelessly working behind the scenes to ensure safe, reliable, and efficient transportation for thousands of passengers every day,” said Darryl Haley, CEO and General Manager of Metro. “The winners of the Golden Bus Awards are shining examples of leaders that elevate others and help Metro make a profound impact on the community around us.”

A Golden Bus Award is the highest honor in Metro’s employee recognition program. Recipients of this prestigious award are chosen from among recipients of Metro’s monthly Silver Wheel Award. In 2023, there were 183 nominations for the Silver Wheel Award, out of which a total of 22 winners were subsequently nominated for the Golden Bus Awards.

Throughout Transit Employee Appreciation Week, over 1,100 Metro employees were acknowledged, celebrated, and thanked for their dedicated service and commitment to the organization and the community.
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