Feb 9, 2024


From Feb. 11 through Feb. 17, Metro will thank our elected officials and stakeholders as well as our communities and riders during Ohio Loves Transit Week.
CINCINNATI – In celebration of "Ohio Loves Transit Week" from February 11-17, Cincinnati Metro will participate alongside the Ohio Public Transit Association (OPTA) and transit networks statewide to highlight the impact transit plays in the daily lives of their riders. 
Ohio’s transit systems provide over 59 million trips each year — with Metro contributing 13.1 million rides to that total. In the Cincinnati region and beyond, this ability to provide accessible transportation plays a vital role in the economy. With statistics indicating that each $1 invested in transit yielding a $4 economic return, investing in transit strengthens every segment of Ohio. Businesses, communities, individuals, and families – everyone benefits from public transportation, an essential service that enhances economic development, ensures sustainable lifestyles and a higher quality of life.  
“In 2023, Metro saw a 32% increase in ridership from the previous year and is one of the few systems nationwide to exceed 100% of pre-pandemic ridership,” said Darryl Haley, CEO and General Manager of Metro. “Compare that with a national return average of 75%, the Cincinnati region has absolutely embraced transit and wants to continue to see it grow and support their daily lives.” 
Metro works to ensure all residents have access to the transportation services they need to remain an active part of our community and serves as a vital link for people with disabilities, providing rides to work, job training programs, medical appointments, and adult day care facilities. Metro also continues to meet the daily mobility needs of Ohio’s growing senior population, as well as keeping up with the capital need to move workers, students, and those without access to their own vehicles. 
To thank existing riders and encourage new riders to give the Metro a try, Metro will hand out a limited number of free ride tickets throughout the day on Tuesday, Feb. 13, at Government Square, the Northside Transit Center, and the Glenway Crossing Transit Center. 
Riders of Metro are encouraged to share on social media how public transit impacts their lives using the hashtag #OhioLovesTransit.
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