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What does it really cost to drive to work?

Maintenance, parking and car insurance add up fast to really increase the cost of your daily commute.

Metro offers many express commuter routes and 22 Park & Ride locations in the Greater Cincinnati area. Fares are as low as $2.00 one-way and unlimited-ride monthly passes begin at just $80. Savings like that can add up fast, so check below for your monthly and annual commuting cost.

How many miles is your daily round-trip commute?

How many days each month do you drive to work?(average of 22 working days per month)

How many miles per gallon does your vehicle average?

What is your average cost per gallon of gasoline?


What is your monthly cost for parking?


What is the average cost per mile for maintenance, repairs, depreciation, insurance, etc.?*

* Based on AAA annual Your Driving Costs study for the composite national average of 15,000 miles per year driven


Your MONTHLY commuting cost is:

Your ANNUAL commuting cost is:

Metro Green Fund Calculator
Complete the questions below and estimate how much monthly carbon dioxide results from your daily activities. Choose to offset your travel emissions to the Metro Carbon Fund that allows our local community to work together to be part of the solution. 1
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