Fare Simplification

Metro is proposing an across-the-board fare simplification that will make the bus system easier to use.

Metro’s current fare structure is very complex, featuring six fare zones with corresponding fare products for each zone. With the passage of Issue 7 by Hamilton County voters, assuring funding for the Reinventing Metro plan, Metro is proposing fare simplification that would take effect March 14, 2021, subject to SORTA Board approval.

Under the proposal, the fare structure would be reduced to one fare for routes that operate in Hamilton County on surface streets (Hamilton County local), one fare for express routes that operate in Hamilton County on highways (Hamilton County express), and one fare for express routes that operate outside of Hamilton County (Suburban County express). 

Here is a chart comparing the current and proposed fares:

Proposed Fare Changes 

  • Removal of all zones and zone fares
  • $2.00 fare for all Hamilton County local routes
  • $2.65 fare for all Hamilton County express service
  • $3.75 fare for Suburban County service
  • The cost of a Hamilton County local service day pass (formerly Zone 1 day pass) will be reduced from $4.50 to $4.00
  • Hamilton County express day pass - $5.30
  • Suburban County express day pass - $7.50
  • Half-fare day pass - $2.00
  • 5-ride Hamilton County local service ticket - $10.00
  • Free transfers good for up to 120 minutes on up to two buses with EZFare app purchases or 5-ride Hamilton County local service ticket
  • The Fare Deal and Metro Veterans Program monthly sticker will increase by $1.50 to $40.00
  • The Access Zone 2 fare will be eliminated and all Access one-way rides will cost $4.00

Re-designated Routes

The following routes will be re-designated from express to commuter service with a $2.00 one-way fare:
  • Rt. 2X Madeira Express
  • Rt. 12X Madisonville Express
  • Rt. 15X Daly Express/Mt. Healthy Express
  • Rt. 25X Mt. Lookout Express
  • Rt. 30X Beechmont Express
  • Rt. 38X Glenway Crossing-Uptown Express
  • Rt. 40X Montana Express
  • Rt. 77X Delhi Express
  • Rt. 81X Mt. Washington Express

Public Comments

The comment period is now closed. All comments submitted by Nov. 18, 2020, are now part of the public record and will be considered by SORTA.

Virtual Presentation

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