Love Northside?

Then show what Northside means to YOU!
Submit your artwork to be displayed at the Northside Transit Center for all of the community to see


Submission must include the following information:
  1. Qualifications - Please provide a biography that includes background information such as description of type(s) of art created by the artist/artist team, related education, exhibitions, number of years working as a professional artist and related experience and interests that best highlight the strength of the applicant. Each team member should provide qualifications, and the roles of each team member in creating the art. 
  2. Statement of Interest - Narrative describing the artist’s interest in this project, how this project connects to the artist’s past and future work and how the submission reflects the theme. Be sure to include title and description of work, the date created, medium, and role of each artist, if an artist team. 
  3. Qualifications and statement of interest should be 500 words or less, singlespaced, with 1-inch margins, in Arial or other sans serif font not smaller than 11 points and submitted in PDF format. 
  4. Image of artwork – must be in JPEG or PDF format. Submissions may be submitted in less than 300 ppi for ease of emailing, but final submissions must be submitted in a minimum resolution of 300 ppi. Include the name of the artist/artist team members in the filename. (For example: DoeJohnNTCArtEntry.jpg or SmithJane&DoeJohnNTCArtEntry.pdf) 
  5. Consistency with Submission Requirements: Incomplete submissions, submissions of more than one image per artist/artist team, submissions received after the deadline, and submissions not using the stated submission approach with not be considered. Artists submitting as a team may not also submit individually.

Artist Entry Form: Click Here

Submit your design at 
Please note, artwork files are subject to image manipulation to ensure optimum quality. Final dimensions of reproduced piece may vary slightly. If you have questions or need assistance please contact

Winners will be contacted in May 2020 and invited to the grand opening of the Northside Transit Center in July/August 2020.

Read the complete Call For Artists HERE