Khaled Shammout

Chief Strategic Planning, Development & Innovation Officer

Khaled Shammout serves as Chief Strategic Planning, Development & Innovation Officer for the Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority. He is responsible for overseeing strategic planning, transit network planning and scheduling, right-of-way and transit centers design and construction. 

Mr. Shammout has 28 years of transit experience in both the public and private sectors—both nationally and internationally.  Mr. Shammout’s experience includes transit planning, advanced data collection and analysis techniques, short-term and long-term public transit studies, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) technologies (development and implementation), transit facility design, and project management.

Mr. Shammout attended The Ohio State University where he earned BS in Architecture, Master’s in City Planning and a Master’s in Transportation Engineering.

Mr. Shammout is appointed to the Transit Research Analysis Committee (TRAC) which advises FTA on transit-research related matters.  Mr. Shammout is a member of the Transportation Research Board (TRB) editorial board where he is serving as a Handling Editor.

Mr. Shammout is the author of “The Implosion of Public Transit and the Case for an Infinite Game”.