Riverfront Transit Center

Riverfront Transit Center

The Riverfront Transit Center is Metro’s major event bus staging facility located under 2nd Street, conveniently located near the Great American Ball Park and Paycor Stadium.

The Riverfront Transit Center offers a safe, fast, and efficient way to accommodate large numbers of charter, school and transit buses serving riverfront venues and activities. The goal of the center is to remove buses from the street grid surrounding The Banks and Riverfront Park. Previously, Cinergy Field had been used for bus staging.

Riverfront Transit Center Fact Sheet

Map of Riverfront Transit Center Location

Charter Bus Parking at the Riverfront Transit Center

Contact ABM for bus parking information 513-929-9200

Special Non-Parking Use of the Riverfront Transit Center

The Riverfront Transit Center may be available for certain special events.  For special event rules and regulations contact Metro Facilities and Grounds Manager Mike Nagy at 513-632-7660 or via email at least thirty (30) days in advance of planned event.

Riverfront Transit Center Rules and Regulations

For the safety of all persons using the Transit Center we ask for your cooperation in following the procedures listed below.

Coach Operators

  • The maximum speed limit in any area of the Transit Center is 10 mph. Headlights should be on at all times.
  • At no time is tailgating permitted in any area of the Transit Center.
  • Turn off motors once parked.

  • Consumption of alcohol is not permitted in the Transit Center.
  • Eating, drinking, smoking are not permitted in any area of the Transit Center.
  • There is no loitering in the Transit Center. Passengers are to leave their vehicle immediately and exit the Transit Center to their respective destinations. Please report to your bus immediately after the game to depart.
  • There are no public restroom facilities or pay phones in the Transit Center.
  • There are no trash containers in the Transit Center. Do not bring food or drink into the Transit Center.
  • Walking in or out of the Transit Center is not permitted. All persons must use the marked stairways and elevators located on both sides of the facility.
  • Pedestrians are to always use the sidewalks. Do not walk in the roadway. Cross only in the crosswalk.
  • Open flames and or flammable liquids are strictly forbidden.
  • No pets permitted in the Transit Center except service animals to assist people with disabilities.
  • No skateboards, roller skates, roller blades, bicycles or scooters.
  • Be considerate of others: no profanity or unruly behavior.