There's good news and bad news about the state of Metro in 2016 and 2017.
First, the good news:
  • Metro is the most efficient transit system among our peers. 
  • We stretch each dollar to provide the most service for our customers.
  • We use technology and innovation to improve services and control costs. 
  • We involve the community in our plans to enquire we're meeting their needs.

The bad news:
  • Metro receives the least amount of public funding compared to our peers. 
  • Costs are increasing faster than revenue. 
  • Ridership is declining because our service hasn't followed the jobs; we're no longer taking people where they need to go. 

Metro is at a crossroads. We need to make tough decisions in 2017 to better connect people to jobs and support the local economy. We need to reinvent Metro and find a new way to fund our transit system for long-term financial sustainability.

One road can lead to new services, better connections and improved access to jobs, school, shopping and medical appointments.

The other road leads to Metro seeking a fare increase, reducing service, or both, limiting opportunities for everyone and stalling economic growth for our region.

More than ever, we need you to work with us in 2017 to improve transit service in Greater Cincinnati.

Get involved, stay informed!
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  • Attend a State of Metro presentation in your community; view a full list of dates and locations here.
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