How To Ride


Find Your Trip Information

New riders can use Google Transit to find out what route will take them to their destination. If you are familiar with routes in your area, review the Schedules or Communities Served pages. Plan to arrive at your bus stop about five minutes before your bus is due to arrive.


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Catch the Bus

Make it stop – A bus will only stop if the operator knows someone wants to get on or off at that locations. As the bus approaches, signal to the operator that you want to ride by waving your hand. As your bus pulls up to the stop, stay a safe distance from the curb and make sure you have your fare in hand. As you board the bus drop your fare in the farebox or swipe your monthly pass. Find a seat and enjoy the ride!


New Fareboxes   Fares & Passes


Departing the Bus

As your bus nears your stop, firmly pull the cord located above you along the sides of the bus to indicate to the driver that you wish to depart.

Wait for the bus to reach a full stop and exit the bus from either the front or rear door.

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More Information at Your Fingertips

Explore Metro's website for more detailed information about things you might use on your trip. For example, learn about Transfers on Metro's Fare Information page and learn about services for passengers with disabilities in the Accessibility section of our website.

Pay-as-you-go Routes

Fares are paid when exiting the bus on the following routes; outbound P.M. trips only.
3X   14X23X 29X30X
42X 52X71X74X75X 
81X 82X


Metro operates on a Sunday/Holiday schedule on the following days:

  • New Year's Day

  • Memorial Day

  • Independence Day

  • Labor Day

  • Thanksgiving

  • Christmas Day


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