Metro Rolls Out New Organizational Strategic Plan

Transit system gearing up to achieve 20 million rides by 2021.

CINCINNATI – “20 million rides by 2021,” is the vision behind the Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority’s new 2017-2021 strategic plan.

Developed by a cross functional team of Metro employees, SORTA board members and union representatives, the plan highlights strategic initiatives that will help Metro achieve its goal of increasing ridership figures to 20 million rides by the year 2021.

The plan focuses on excelling in four key areas:

  • Operational excellence: restructure service and processes to maximize operational efficiency.
  • Strategic alignment and partnering: become an employer of choice, while increasing partnerships and support from community partners.
  • Organizational sustainability: increase cost savings and revenue growth opportunities.
  • Innovation: leverage technology and tools that allow for improved operational performance.

“The new strategic plan is the roadmap for how we’ll reinvent our service to better meet the growing needs of the community, engage with our employees and partners and become more sustainable,” said SORTA Board Chair Jason Dunn. “Ultimately, we endeavor to do a better job of connecting people to jobs and quality of life opportunities throughout the region.”

The new strategic plan is just one of the many ways Metro is working to reinvent its service to attract new riders, close its service gaps and funding challenges.


About Metro

Metro is a non-profit public service of the Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority, providing about 16 million rides per year in Greater Cincinnati.

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