SORTA to Offer Metro Bus Circulator For Streetcar Grand Opening Weekend

Cincinnati Bell Connector grand opening an opportunity to showcase Metro

CINCINNATI – The Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority will operate free Metro bus circulator service during the grand opening weekend for the Cincinnati Bell Connector streetcar, Sept. 9-11. 

The Metro circulator will be free to the public and will stop at specially marked bus stops near streetcar stations to handle overflow from the streetcar service.

Large crowds are expected downtown for the weekend, and the bus circulator will allow SORTA to showcase how Metro and the streetcar work as transit partners:

  • Interconnectivity of Metro and the streetcar with easy transfers between the two
  • New mobile ticket app for online purchases of Metro and streetcar fare tickets (available before the streetcar grand opening)
  • Real-time information integrated for both Metro and the streetcar

“This is the biggest transit weekend ever in Cincinnati, and we want to use this as an opportunity to introduce the public to Metro, too,” said Jason Dunn, chair of the SORTA Board.  “It’s good marketing to encourage potential customers to sample our service and learn how to make Metro and the Cincinnati Bell Connector work for their transportation needs.  We want people to see all that we’re doing to reinvent transit in Greater Cincinnati.”

Metro is a non-profit public service of SORTA, providing about 16 million rides each year in Greater Cincinnati.

About the Cincinnati Bell Connector: Scheduled to open Sept. 9, 2016, the Cincinnati Bell Connector is intended to expand transportation options, stimulate development, and enhance livability by connecting downtown, the riverfront and Over the Rhine.  The Cincinnati Bell Connector is owned and funded by the City of Cincinnati, managed by the Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority, and operated by Transdev.

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