Look Up, Look Out! Streetcar Overhead Wire System is in Testing

For safety's sake, stay clear of high-voltage wires; permit required for work near the electrical system

CINCINNATILook up… look out!  Stay at least 10-ft. away from the Cincinnati Streetcar’s high-voltage overhead wires.

Testing is underway for the overhead electrical wire system for the Cincinnati Streetcar’s Over the Rhine loop (12th to Elm to Henry to Race to 12th).

For safety’s sake:

  • Always assume the electric is ON
  • Stay at least 10 feet away from the overhead streetcar wires
  • In case of emergency, call 911

Permit required for work near the streetcar overhead wires:

For maintenance or other activities (using ladders or lifts, utility work, etc.) near the streetcar wires, you must obtain a Right-of-Way permit from the City of Cincinnati.

To obtain a permit or get more information, contact:
DOTE ROW Management Office 
801 Plum St., Room 425

There’s a lot of building renovation going on along the streetcar route.  Use extreme caution when doing the following near the overhead wire system: 

  • Chutes or throwing debris out of windows -- removing construction debris from upper floors of buildings to dumpsters below
  • Ladders, lifts, scaffolding, etc. -- washing windows, painting, roofing or doing other maintenance work
  • Deliveries to upper floors of buildings -- using lifts, jacks or other raised-platform equipment
  • Wired equipment on upper floors -- installing cable or satellite television, telecommunications, alarm systems, etc.
  • Front-loading fork trucks -- emptying trash dumpsters

Background:  Slated to open in September 2016, the Cincinnati Streetcar is intended to expand transportation options, stimulate development and job creation, and enhance livability by connecting key destinations in and around the center city.  SORTA will operate the streetcar under contract with the City of Cincinnati. 

SORTA operates Metro and Access non-profit, tax-funded public transit services, providing about 17 million rides per year in Greater Cincinnati.

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