SORTA Awards Streetcar operating and Maintenance turn-key contract to Transdev

Media statement from SORTA Chair Jason Dunn

Media statement from SORTA Chair Jason Dunn

After much deliberation, adherence to Federal, state and SORTA
procurement guidelines, and with the utmost professionalism, today the
SORTA Board awarded the Cincinnati Streetcar operating and maintenance
fixed-price, turn-key contract to Transdev Services, Inc.

Transdev is a highly respected transportation management firm that
operates transit and rail systems in the U.S. and around the world, including
the nation’s largest streetcar system in New Orleans.

The procurement process was rigorous, thorough, and conducted with the
highest level of integrity. I would like to commend the SORTA and City
representatives on a job well done. The contract is within the budget
established by the City and meets the service levels in the Federal grant

We will make procurement information public today, consistent with Federal
procurement requirements. As permitted by open records law, the
proposers have been given the opportunity to redact information that is
considered proprietary.

SORTA is now focused on the bigger picture of finding alternative funding
resources, expanding transit service, and meeting the needs of the region in
connecting people to jobs. We continue to move forward.
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