Metro Winter Service Change Starts Dec. 7

Metro’s regular winter service changes will go into effect on Sunday, Dec. 7.

CINCINNATI — Metro’s regular winter service changes will go into effect on Sunday, Dec. 7.

The following routes will have new schedules with changes. All are minor adjustments unless indicated below (link to new schedules in blue):

Rt. 3X      Montgomery Road

Rt. 14X    Forest Park Express

Rt. 17      Seven Hills/Mt. Healthy/Mt. Airy/Northgate

Rt. 19      Colerain Avenue-Northgate

Rt. 21      Harrison Avenue

Rt. 23X    Tri-County Express

Rt. 27       Northside-Casey

Rt. 30X    Beechmont Express

Rt. 31      West End-Evanston Crosstown

Rt. 33      Western Hills-Glenway

Rt. 38X   Glenway Crossing-Uptown Express

Rt. 40X    Montana Express

Rt. 43      Bond Hill

Rt. 43      Reading

Rt. 43      Winton Hills

Rt. 49      Fairmount-English Woods

Rt. 51     Glenway Crossing-Hyde Park Crosstown

Rt. 64     Glenway Crossing-Westwood

Rt. 71X   Kings Island Express/Job Connection

Rt. 85     Riverfront Parking

Rt. 90     Metro*Plus

Rt. 31 route adjustment: Metro’s Rt. 31 West End-Evanston Crosstown will have a minor route adjustment that will move the Eastbound time point from Woodburn Avenue at Hewitt to Fairfax Avenue at Woodburn. From Woodburn Avenue the route will turn right on Fairfax Avenue, left on Fairfield Avenue and right on Hewitt back to regular routing. Westbound service will remain unchanged. Minor changes will cause a time adjustment on weekday and weekend service.

Schedule change for Rt. 33: At the request of riders, the first inbound trip on Metro’s Rt. 33 Western Hills-Glenway will leave 15 minutes earlier to allow for connections to TANK Express routes.

New schedules are now available on, and will soon be available by mail and in the Mercantile Building, 120 E. Fourth Street, across from Government Square, weekdays, 7:30 a.m.-5 p.m.

Metro is a non-profit, tax-funded public service of the Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority, providing about 17 million rides per year.

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