Metro Summer Service Change Starts June 1

Metro’s regular summer service changes will go into effect on June 1. Improvements include new service in Sharonville, reduced fare to Kings Island, service to the new Belterra Park on Kellogg Ave., and minor running time adjustments on some routes to better serve our customers.

More service to jobs and community resources

CINCINNATI – Metro’s regular summer service changes will go into effect on Sunday, June 1.

Metro service improvements include:

  • New service to Miami-Jacobs College
  • New service to the Vineyard Church’s Healing Center
  • Reduced fare on Kings Island jobs service
  • New jobs service to the new Belterra Park on Kellogg Ave.
  • More service on the Riverfront Parking Shuttle during rush hour
  • Minor schedule adjustments on some routes to better serve our customers

The following routes will have new schedules with changes.All are minor service adjustments unless indicated:

  • Rt. 1                 Museum Center – Eden Park
  • Rt. 3X               Montgomery Road
  • Rt. 4                 Blue Ash – Kenwood Ridge Road
  • Rt. 17               Seven Hills/Mt Healthy/Mt Airy/Northgate
  • Rt. 21               Harrison Avenue
  • Rt. 30X             Beechmont Express
  • Rt. 42X             West Chester Express/Job Connection
  • Rt. 43               Bond Hill
  • Rt. 43               Winton Hills
  • Rt. 43               Reading
  • Rt. 50               Sayler Park
  • Rt. 68               Sharonville Connection (New route to Miami-Jacobs College; see below)
  • Rt. 72               Kings Island Direct (summer jobs service; see below)
  • Rt. 75X             Anderson Express (New Belterra Park jobs service; see below)
  • Rt. 78               Springdale – Vine/Lincoln Heights (new service to Vineyard Church’s Healing Center; see below)
  • Rt. 85               Riverfront Parking Shuttle (changes; see below)

New Sharonville route to Miami-Jacobs College: Thanks to a partnership with Miami-Jacobs College, Metro is starting a new route, Rt. 68 Sharonville Connection, on Monday, June 2. Metro and Miami-Jacobs have a contract for this service to provide two trips per weekday from a new bus stop at Vineyard Church to the college. Rt. 68 connects to Rts. 20, 43, 67 and 78 to serve students and benefit businesses including the Tri-County Mall and Sam’s Club. Fare is $2.65 per ride.

Lower fare to Kings Island jobs: Metro’s Rt. 72 Kings Island Direct will operate seven days a week, starting June 1. The fare on Rt. 72 Kings Island Direct only will be reduced to $2.25 each way through Oct. 27, 2014, thanks to federal Job Access Reverse Commute (JARC) grant funding awarded through the Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Regional Council of Governments. This seasonal service will operate every day through Aug. 24. Rt. 72 will operate on weekends only in September and October. Rt. 71 and 71X will not be affected.

New service to Belterra Park jobs: Metro’s Rt. 75X Anderson Express will provide a new reverse-commute service on weekday mornings and evenings to serve the new Belterra Park on Kellogg Ave., starting Monday, June 2. This route will no longer serve the Anderson Park & Ride located at 7954 Beechmont Ave., but a nearby park & ride is available at Anderson Center Station, at 7832 Five Mile Road.

New service to Vineyard Church’s Healing Center: Another improvement in the June service change is new service to the Vineyard Church’s Healing Center, starting June 1. The Rt. 78 Springdale – Vine provides frequent service for individuals and families who want to use the Healing Center’s services, including food and clothing, job skills training, job search assistance, mentoring, and life skills training.

More rush-hour service on Riverfront Parking Shuttle: Metro’s Rt. 85 Riverfront Parking Shuttle will offer seven additional morning trips and four additional afternoon trips. There will be adjusted arrival/departure times for most trips. The morning trips will alternate between Main/Nuxhall and 4th/Sycamore. All afternoon trips will use 4th/Sycamore.

Metro is a non-profit, tax-funded public service of the Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority, providing about 17 million rides per year. Learn more at

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