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Take a Nap

Take a Nap

and arrive to work wide awake on Metro's Rt 42X West Chester Express.

Winter Weather

Winter Weather

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Want to meet Santa

Want to meet Santa

on the Metro trolley this holiday season? Find out more here.

Three Government Square Shelters

Three Government Square Shelters

to Close Starting  Nov. 10.

Want to advertise on Metro?

Want to advertise on Metro?

Promote your business wih on-board audio ads. Find out more.

Have a Nice Day

Have a Nice Day

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Learn more about Metro's

Learn more about Metro's

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New Ticket Vending Machine

New Ticket Vending Machine

in Government Square gives you 24/7 access to Metro passes

Join Metro's team!

Join Metro's team!

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Recent News

Metro buses don't stop on snowy hills; board at bottom or top

Metro buses will operate on a holiday schedule on Thanksgiving, Thursday, Nov. 27. Access, Metro’s specialized service for people with disabilities, will also operate on a holiday schedule.

Santa Claus is coming to town… on a specially decorated Metro Holly Jolly Trolley in several city neighborhoods.

Passes & Fares

Bus Pass

With Metro's 30-day rolling passes, day passes and stored-value cards, it's never been easier to go Metro.

Metro's 30-day rolling passes get you unlimited rides for 30 days within your desired Zone. Day Passes give you a full day of fun, valid for unlimited rides through 3 a.m. the next morning. Stored-value cards are the perfect option for covering individual trips or that extra fare you might need.

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Fare Deal

Effective Jan. 1, 2014, the previous edition Fare Deal card with the magnetic stripe is no longer accepted by Metro’s fareboxes regardless of the expiration date printed on the swipe card. You must have a valid Fare Deal “tap and show” smart card to ride for a reduced fare. Visit our Fare Deal page for more information.

New Rider Info

Save money and go green.  Riding Metro is as easy as 1-2-3! Learn everything you need to know about riding Metro on our How to Ride or Popular Destinations pages.

  • Re: Detour -

    Detour lifted.

  • Revised Detour -

    Due to a auto accident blocking Reading at Section Road the Route 43 will need to detour: Outbound via Reading Road...

  • Re: Revised Detour -

    Due to a auto accident blocking traffic the Route 43 will need to...

  • Detour -

    Due to auto accident blocking traffic the Route 43 will need to detour: Outbound: via Reading Road L-Section Road R-Summit...

  • Detour -

    Due to emergency vehicles blocking Harrison and North Bend the Route 21 will need to detour: Outbound via Harrison R-North...

  • Detour Route 21 -

    Due to emergency vehicles blocking Harrison and North Bend the Route 21 will need to detour: Outbound via Harrison...


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