The Uptown area represents approximately 50,000 jobs and an economic impact of more than $3 billion. The
area includes the University of Cincinnati, UC Medical Center and several major hospitals, the EPA and other
employers. Metro has been working with the Uptown Consortium to develop a way to enhance the transit
experience in Uptown and is now ready to move this project forward.

In 2013, Metro will build a new Uptown Transit District that provides better connections and more amenities
to transit riders in an effort to increase transit use and reduce traffic congestion in Uptown. Groundbreaking is
scheduled for Spring 2013.

About the Uptown Transit District:
• A coordinated district composed of four key transit boarding areas: Vine between McMillan and Calhoun;
Jefferson Ave. near University; University Hospital and the medical center area; and the Hughes Corner
business district
• Enhanced transit shelters, streetscaping and wayfinding at key on-street locations throughout Uptown
• Real-time information at major shelter locations
• Connections to hospital and university shuttle services, with the ability to connect with the Cincinnati
Streetcar (Phase 2)

SORTA has secured $6.9 million for the Uptown Transit District project. This includes $4 million in Federal
Congestion Mitigation Air Quality funds; a $1 million Federal earmark; and $1.9 million in local funds.

Preliminary Design - Uptown Transit District Boarding Area

Preliminary concept of a boarding area at UC on Jefferson. The Uptown Transit District will provide enhanced
shelters, streetscaping and wayfinding at key on-street locations throughout Uptown.

Uptown Transit District Map

(Click to enlarge)

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