I go*Metro

The goal of the People you know...go*Metro campaign is to increase ridership by personalizing the transit experience. Through testimonials with real people, prospective riders should see themselves as part of a trend: If people I know or people who work at well-known companies ride Metro, it must be a good experience and one that I might be willing to try.

Metro Provides Access to Jobs

Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley and SORTA Chair Jason Dunn talk about Metro's role in providing access to jobs.

Represented in the 2013 - 2014 campaign:

Jan-Michelle, Celeste & Asher, TV Host & Active Family                           

  Andy, Meredith & Xela, Car-free Family 

 Jai All Day, Radio Host

Dr. Yousuf Ahmad, President & CEO, Mercy Health

 Dr. Santa Ono, University of Cincinnati President

 Robert, Community Volunteer

Dr. O'dell Ownes, Cincinnati State President
Jose, Attorney


TV and radio advertisements
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Represented in the 2012 campaign:

Bob, a well-known Cincinnati Blogger                           

  Louise, dunnhumby USA

 Travis, U.S. Bank

Eric, National Labor Relations Board

 Tracy, Cincinnati Opera

 Katy, a well-known Cincinnati blogger

 Ping, Great American Insurance Co.

 Rashimi, Fifth Third Bank

                                                                    Dan, owner of Park + Vine



The campaign began in May 2012 and consisted of:

Outdoor Bus Shelters and Government Square Banners


:05 second TV and radio
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Online and mobile

In August, Metro added radio, outdoor and online spots focusing on the college audience, and in January broke TV and online ads focusing on winter weather.

In 2012, this ad campaign generated more than 6.1 million impressions and helped Metro achieve a 5% ridership increase.


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