Metro History and Calendar

Learn about Cincinnati's transit history with history panels created by Dan Hurley of the Cincinnati Museum Center. These panels are on display at Metro's Government Square hub on Fifth Street between Walnut and Main streets downtown.

Journey Through History document 1.

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 2015 Calendar Available for Download

Each month, new Metro monthly calendars will be available. Download your favorite by clicking on the image of your choice, below. When the larger image opens, right click with your mouse and select "Set as desktop background."  Be sure to check back each month for the new images.

October 2015


Scare up some savings on Metro
If the high cost of gas, parking, insurance and car maintenance is keeping you up at night, don't fear - Metro is here. Going Metro can save you more than $5,000 each year compared to driving. Go Metro and say "Boo" to high commuting costs. Like the witch says, "Go Metro- it sure beats a broom!"

Discover real-time info
Columbus never had an app to tell him when he reached the new world, but you can use popular apps like Transit App and Bus Detective (and others) to find out when your bus is due in real-time. Just visit Metro's website for download information.

The end of the line
This photo taken on Rt. 32 in Delhi was coincidentally (and literally) the end of the line for both the streetcar route and anyone who was brought to their final resting place at St. Joseph Cemetery at 8th and Nebraska.